Lazy, lazy… lazy?

Can I be the only one who gets bored really quickly with ‘adventure’ games, for want of a better term? I imported Hotel Dusk: Room 215 – yeah, get me importing, it’s only out in the UK this week – months ago, and after a few sessions I found myself wandering around failing to do whatever one painfully specific action will progress the story. Since then: not touched the thing. So yes, that’s why you’ll not find a review of the game on this site. Sorry about that.

And am I going to go back to it? I’d like to think so, but when things like We Love Katamari – bound to put a smile on my face – are sitting on my shelf unopened, why make the effort?

Usually, when I ask ‘am I the only one’, I am. So am I? Am I a bad person? AM I?

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