Guinness is good for you

A few years back the videogame section of The Guinness Book of Records was removed and a mild uproar ensued. The publishers have now done some research to discover that, yes, the videogame section is “very popular” with its readers. We can now expect a whole annual filled with the popular pastime later in the year.

The Guinness World Records – Videogame Edition 2008 is what they’re calling it and a handful of topics have been announced so far. As expected there’s the typical high scores, fastest lap times and other guff but also sales figures of both consoles and games and listings of which pro gamers earn the most money.

Hopefully they’ll include the worst selling games and consoles of all time; because that’s the type of information you can’t get your hands (eyes?) on by just looking on the internet. I’m reliability informed, though, that Bomberman: Act Zero on 360 was the worst selling game of 2006.

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