“I can’t believe we just met Mr. Bean!”

Press releases – no matter what the game in question is, be it a budget priced bowling game or a tech-heavy PC FPS – always focus on how ‘mind blowing’ the physics are or how ‘photo realistic’ the visuals will be. The press release for Blast Entertainment’s upcoming Mr. Bean game – due out on PlayStation 2 – is somewhat more concerned with telling us how great Mr. Bean is. You can’t argue with these facts, man:

  • 92% of children under 11 are great Mr. Bean fans.
  • 67% of children under 11 watch the TV series regularly.
  • Mr. Bean’s Holiday took more money than Hot Fuzz in three days.
  • Mr. Bean is popular in Germany, Australia, Spain and Russia. And other places.
  • Children really like Mr. Bean. He is funny and cool.

Just one sentence is dedicated the describing the gameplay, which entails Mr. Bean and his girlfriend Irma Gobb solving puzzles and avoiding traps to find his missing teddy.

Watch out, Halo 3!

Matt Gander

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