Virtual Insanity

Sonic Spinball, The Story of Thor and Vectorman where released on the Virtual Console today. I had a look to see if they were worth 800 points.
Before we start, all games have PAL issues. So beware.

Wii Virtual Console releasesA lot of people say that Sonic went shit with the advent of 3D. Those people are fat idiots. Sonic was clearly shit a long time before Sonic Adventure. I present Sonic Spinball as evidence. It’s a hybrid of pinball and Sonic, with Sonic serving as the ball, and it doesn’t really work. The game can’t decide whether it wants to be straight-up pinball, or a traditional platformer, bodging bits of both together in a haphazard and unsatisfying way.

Story Of Thor looks lovely, and plays nice. It’s a Zelda-alike, but it’s different enough to stand out. It’s far more action packed than Zelda, with several enemies running around at once, even if you can defeat most of them by jumping and attacking at the same time. It’s quite long, too. Well worth your points.

Vectorman is ace. It’s a traditional platformer, but what it does, it does well. The music is pure synth joy, the graphics are fluid and well stylised and it’s tougher than contour differentiation. You should probably get that, too.

Overall, it’s a good week for the Virtual Console, which is good as Nintendo of Europe still won’t give a release date for Super Paper Mario. The cads.

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