Insignificant news roundup

A collection of gaming tidbits.

» Obviously biased but pretty much honest UK:R reveals that PS3 hardware sales are slumping after its first week in the UK. Which is pretty much to be expected after a big launch, but an 82% drop in sales is pretty significant and stock remains plentiful. Has everyone who wanted a PS3 already bought one now? Sony might have to put up with some slow sales until they drop the price for Christmas.

» Sony have dropped the US PSP price, down from $199.99 to $169.99 (£85) for the core pack. That’s £65 less than it costs in the UK. A 75% price difference in fact, much like the PS3. Why do Sony insist on screwing us over? What did Britain ever do to you Sony?!

» 1UP have a vaguely interesting feature on bad video game box art. It covers fifteen of the worst box covers, mostly old tat from the ’80s. Some of their choices are a bit questionable though – Strider’s cover had a certain charm to it, and some of the covers (Street Fighter Alpha for instance) aren’t that bad.

» Sam & Max Episode 5: Reality 2.0 is out next week – April 12th to be precise. You really should buy it, it’s a breath of fresh air in the realm of dull PC games. Each episode lasts a few hours and only costs $9 (less than £4), or $35 (£18) for all six episodes.

» NiGHTS on Wii will use the weather channel to update the game’s weather. It will also change seasonally (yay, Christmas NiGHTS!), and have shape-shifting masks that let NiGHTS transform into a dolphin, dragon or rocket. The current release date is “winter 2007”, whatever month that means (November probably).

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