In the NiGHTS, dream delight

Jeux France has posted scans from Portugese gaming magazine Maxi Consolas, confirming Sega’s NiGHTS exclusively for the Wii. UK:R posted a picture of NiGHTS on the cover of a Swedish games magazine a few days ago, but I didn’t know exactly what to make of that at the time. Maxi Consolas has showered us with lovely screenshots and game details though, so that’s all splendid.

NiGHTS WiiThe original Sega Saturn version of NiGHTS was innovative in its use of the analogue Sega Multi Controller (making it one of the first analogue controlled console games released, before even Mario 64), so it’s only fitting that the new NiGHTS will make full use of the Wiimote for truly lovely control.

In an interview with Sega’s Takashi Iizuka (the head of Sonic Team USA, who was involved with the original NiGHTS and many Sonic the Hedgehog games), Maxi Consolas found out that NiGHTS will have two player multiplayer and online modes, as well as a range of new characters. So that’s all good then.

Sega will be releasing more details next month. The Official Nintendo Magazine has a UK exclusive on NiGHTS in their next issue (out April 13th), which should have some pretty pictures if nothing else.

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