We’re going to war!

EA’s Medal of Honor games have been on a slippery slope for some time now, and Medal of Honor: Vanguard won’t be turning that slope into a ramp. Or whatever. Even the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine – who gave Rising Sun 9/10 – were unimpressed, chalking it up with an average score. Call of Duty: Roads to Victory on PSP looks like a safer bet if you’re hankering for some more war action. Or you could revert back to the world of 2D and pick up Metal Slug Anthology on Wii. The presentation isn’t as good as we hoped but it’s the only chance you’ll get to play Metal Slug 6. Can Codemasters’ quite nifty Heatseeker be classed as a war game too? Probably.

Earth Defence Force 2017 is finally out on Xbox 360 this week, although ‘finally’ isn’t the right word to use – it has only been delayed once, whereas the PlayStation 2 version (Global Defense Force) was originally due out in September 2006. It’s set in a big city overrun with giant bugs, UFOs, Godzilla clones and more, your job being to blast them all away. It’s a budget game – only £17.99 on Play.com – but it’s quite nicely done.

After Burner: Black Falcon on PSP has been getting some good reviews, but just as many bad ones. The same with movie license 300: March to Glory – review scores on GameRankings go from 25 to 85 percent. It’s a bit odd that Eidos only wanted to release it on PSP, although Ubisoft did the same thing with the recent Rocky Balboa. Wouldn’t be surprised if they knock out a PlayStation 2 port around the same time as the DVD release.

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