Sony win

165,000 is certainly more PlayStation 3s than I expected to be sold in the UK this past weekend. It’s remains too expensive given the lack of essential titles, but I have to hand it to Sony, it has sold well. Indeed, it’s the UK’s fastest selling home console ever (EVER!), ahead of the Wii’s 105,000, Xbox 360’s 70,000 and GameCube’s 69,000. It also beats the Nintendo DS’s 87,000, but falls short of Sony’s 185,000 PSPs shifted over that launch weekend.

Enough statistics, on with the chart. Given the hardware sales – and with a reasonable 1.67 games sold per console – it’s inevitable that PlayStation 3 dominates. Incidentally, we might have to get used to that phrase for the next five years.

Resistance: Fall of Man is the top choice, as one might have expected, followed by Motorstorm. They take the top two positions in the all formats chart. Then it’s Formula 1 (top 40 #7), meaning that the three top selling PlayStation 3 titles are format exclusives, which is satisfying.

The PlayStation 3 top ten is filled out by Call of Duty 3, Ridge Racer 7, Virtua Tennis 3, Virtua Fighter 5, Genji, Fight Night and Sonic. They’re sprinkled around the main chart, with six games in the top ten because of the PlayStation 3. Which is pretty good going, really.

In Multiformat New Entry Land, we’ve got Brian Lara at an impressive #3, PC thing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. at #8, Def Jam: Icon at #12, something about UEFA at #15, and TMNT at #19.

Nintendo format titles are the ones most obviously suffering this week, with Sonic’s Wii outing down from #4 to #32. But pretty much everything non-PlayStation 3 is down, obviously.

That’s enough. You’re probably best giving it half an hour before going swimming to digest that lot.

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