Sony bad

In an interview with, Sony’s UK managing director Ray Maguire spouts assorted excuses for the high cost of the PlayStation 3 in Europe.

Ray Maguire says:
“The cost of retail is vastly more in the UK than it is in the US and that’s before you even stop to consider the US doesn’t have VAT at RRP, they put a small amount on afterwards. Whereas, we get stung by 17.5 per cent. And pity the poor Irish and places like Sweden.”

That doesn’t make any sense Ray. Sales taxes vary between EU countries, yet the PS3 costs the same. Higher VAT doesn’t really explain why the PlayStation 3 costs £170 more in the UK than it does in Japan either.

Ray Maguire says:
“But we have to remember this is no different to selling a cup of Starbucks coffee or a McDonald’s hamburger. This is the cost of living in the UK.”

But Ray… Tokyo has a higher cost of living than the UK. It’s at the top of almost every cost of living index. Coffee and burgers are not really cheaper in Japan. British Big Macs cost more than Japanese ones, but then so do Polish and Mexican ones. So that’s a useless comparison.

Ray Maguire says:
“You also have to remember that we’re one of the most cynical nations on the planet and even if you’re telling people the absolute truth they doubt whether that information is real or not.”

So why bother telling the truth at all, isn’t that right Ray?

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