Massive wallet damage

If you’ve managed to re-mortgage your house to buy a PlayStation 3 this week then you’ll no doubt want some games to go with it. Some of the proposed launch titles have been pushed back a couple of weeks – F.E.A.R, Oblivion and Splinter Cell: Double Agent of note – but there’s still plenty to get your teeth into, even if there are no obvious system-sellers in the line-up.

The generic looking Resistance has a very comprehensive multiplayer mode, while Motorstorm is meant to be quite fun. Virtua Fighter 5 and Virtua Tennis 3 have been getting some good reviews, while you can’t go wrong with Fight Night Round 3, Ridge Racer 7 or Call of Duty 3. Just make sure you avoid Sonic the Hedgehog, Genji and Gundam: Target in Sight. They’re meant to be a bit poo. Edge didn’t like Formula One either.

Ubisoft’s multiformat Turtles tie-in is also out this week. Surprisingly it appears that the Game Boy Advance version is the one to go for – IGN claim it’s the best scrolling beat ’em up they’ve played in years. N Gamer say the GameCube and Wii versions look half-finished, and apparently the 360 version isn’t much of a leap over the last-gen iterations in terms of visuals. IGN say it’s possible to unlock all 1,000 Gamerpoints in under four hours so it’ll probably be snapped by those looking for an instant score boost.

If the popularity of Zoo Tycoon on DS is anything to go by then Theme Park DS might be a steady seller. It looks like they’ve used the PC original as source material and not the shrunken down SNES/Mega Drive one. And if you’re still sticking with your PlayStation 2 then Burnout Dominator is probably worth a look. Whoever decided to take the crash junctions out though needs to be poked with a big stick. In the face.

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