Friday: cancelled

The Metopolitan Police have advised both Game and HMV in Oxford Street to cancel their midnight PlayStation 3 launches in fear of customer safety. With the recent spate of gun crime in London it’s probably for the best – I can remember being leered at by jealous types when carrying a shiny new Nintendo 64 through town on launch day.

Game are instead going to open at 7am and will be offering bacon sandwiches, cakes and coffee. So if you walk past on Friday and see loads of homeless sorts milling around then you’ll know why. HMV are opening their doors at 7.30am, and have teamed up with Sega to bribe – sorry, treat – the first 150 punters with free copies of Virtua Tennis 3.

Virgin, however, are going to fight the system and open at midnight regardless. If blood is spilled then it’ll be on Branson’s hands.

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