The butler did it

Can you think of a better Wii game to appeal to older gamers than an Agatha Christie murder mystery? Nor can I, although a bingo sim would probably go down well at old folk’s homes across the globe.

And Then There Were NoneThe Adventure Company are bringing And Then There Were None over from PC, but rather than a straight conversion they’re adding new Wii remote controls and puzzles, such as spinning the controller like a handle to open a safe. The plot involves ten strangers invited to a dinner party on a remote island, who are knocked off one-by-one. Have a look on Wikipedia to see what the novel was originally called. Bad Agatha!

The PC version – released in October 2005 – scored well, but was hampered by niggles such as unskippable dialogue and graphical faults such as rudimentary character models, although PC owners were probably comparing them to whichever memory hungry FPS was doing the rounds at the time.

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