Good day, good NiGHTS

It would appear that Sega’s eminent NiGHTS into Dreams is about to make a comeback on an unspecified Nintendo platform, although there’s no word if it’ll be a remake, sequel or something entirely different. Let’s not rule out a Virtual Console download either.

This news comes from the latest issue of The Official Nintendo Magazine UK: inside there’s a full page teaser of the exclusive they’ve managed to bag for their next issue – out 13th April. The page features an outline in stars of artwork from the game, accompanied by the text, “Step back in time as a classic game makes a long overdue return.”

Although not an actual 3D platformer, or even a platformer at all, NiGHTS was seen as the Sega Saturn’s answer to Super Mario 64. The graphics were only rivalled by later Saturn games such as Burning Rangers and Sonic R, and there were other features way ahead of their time. The soundtrack – which changed slightly every time you played – was one such idea; the ability to help AI lifeforms evolve and reproduce was another. A special Christmas edition was later given away with the Sega Saturn Magazine.

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