From physical to virtual and back again

It sounds like a good idea for Comic Relief to make Red Noses (and t-shirts) available to buy in online world Second Life. But what I’d really like to know, after the event, is how many they’ve sold. Because I genuinely can’t even take a guess, mainly because I don’t have anything to compare it to. And because I know precious little about Second Life – so any thoughts welcome in the comments. They’re going for 550 Linden Dollars, with a pound of actual real English money going to Comic Relief.

Making the opposite transition – from intangible to touchy-feely – is Sam & Max, the six ‘episodes’ in the first season of which are getting a real retail release on both sides of the pond in August. JoWooD are doing it in Europe and The Adventure Company in North America. Both companies are now on my ‘good’ list, because Sam & Max is precisely ‘good’.

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