Pac for good

Pac-Man and gambling aren’t usually paired together, although plenty of gamers ploughed coins into Pac-Man arcade machines back in the day so there’s probably a tenuous link there somewhere. Which is probably why the mellow yellow pill popper has made an appearance on new National Lottery scratch cards.

The cards cost £2 each and offer eight chances to win: four chances to try to uncover two matching symbols (ghosts, fruit, etc) and another four to reveal a higher score than quoted on the card. Literally seconds of fun can be had by all. Providing you’re older than 16 and have £2 in your pocket to waste, obviously.

pacscratch1.JPG   pacscratch2.JPG

According to the reverse, the odds of winning are approximately 1 in 4.56, but this wasn’t a lucky one. And now Camelot are £2 richer and I’m £2 poorer.

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