Free Brick game included

Back in my day, cheapo LCD games consisted of three sprites in slightly different positions. Proper animation and colour were but a dream.

Zeus PlasmaToday it’s possible to go out and pick up a cheap handheld with a proper colour screen and everything. Last year Logic 3 launched the GamesPower 50, with 50 built-in games and a TFT screen, while this year something called the Zeus Plasma is doing the rounds. It has a 16-bit processor, 20 built-in games, can be connected to a TV and runs off 3 AAA batteries. It looks a bit like a Gizmondo, only with some trendy red markings.

A search on Google brings up just one positive result: the product listing on Argos, which suggests that it has been released under another name in other parts of the world. It can’t be an Argos exclusive, surely?

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