Free guns!

There’s another game based on World War II out this week, but it’s not a first person shooter or even an RTS – it’s a new Castlevania for Nintendo DS. It’s still based on the resurrection of Dracula, only now there are zombie soldiers to contend with. Reviews suggest that it’s pretty decent, although not that different from the last half a dozen 2D Castlevanias. You should buy it though – Castlevania games always hold their price.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter EX Plus Alpha 2 on 360 is a indeed a war game, however. This one is set in Mexico in 2014, and if you buy it from Game you get a free exclusive weapon that can be downloaded via a code. It’ll probably be quite cool to show it off online. Unless it’s flipping useless. Also on 360: Atari’s Bullet Witch, one of the few Japanese-developed 360 titles.

On PlayStation 2 there’s the budget priced Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Zero 3 Upper. Rockstar haven’t put out much in the way of publicity for this – it hasn’t even been on the cover of the Official PlayStation 2 magazine. IGN says that the conversion is “sloppy” and that the on-foot combat hasn’t been fixed. The really very late The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift also skids onto shelves. Despite being published by EA there have been very few adverts or press attention for this either. Probably because it’s meant to be dross.

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