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Like everything that isn’t a house or petrol, the price of Xbox 360 games has come tumbling down. So much so, that some older 360 games can be found for around a quarter the price of a new game. It’s not just cheap gaming thrills on offer too: there’s also the chance to bag a few easy Gamerpoints.

These are some of the chaps you’ll find knocking around those ubiquitous bargain bins.

Ridge Racer 6Ridge Racer 6

Ridge Racer games never change – they just get faster and prettier. This one borrows the boost system from Ridge Racer(s) on PSP, so you have to powerslide around corners for nitro. The tracks are excellently designed, there are plenty of them, and the world tour mode even features Pac-Man as an unlockable extra. The handling is pure Ridge Racer in that you don’t even have to break in some races; just take your finger off the accelerator, skid around the corner, then re-apply your digit. A lot of people still play online, but as well as being accustomed to the tracks they’ve managed to unlock all of the super fast cars. You’ll be eating dust race after race.

» $10.50 pre-owned from (it’s region-free, love)

Perfect Dark 0Perfect Dark Zero

Jo looks like a skank in combats, the single player mode is reminiscent of EA’s dismal GoldenEye: Rogue Agent, and every single texture – be it wall, floor or door – looks like it’s been covered in wax. Yet PD0 is still worth buying. Why? Because of the thoroughly comprehensive multiplayer bits. There are numerous deathmatch types, weapon sets can be configured, vehicles can be clambered into, and AI controlled bots – which come in a variety of flavours – can be used to fill in for absent humans. Most of the achievements can only be unlocked by playing against others, but you can use the customisable options to get an unfair advantage. Have a 30 minute rocket launcher only match against 15 bots and you’ll get the ‘100 explosive kills’ achievement in no time.

» £15 pre-owned from CeX

Full AutoFull Auto

Burnout with guns nicely sums up Sega’s Full Auto – the sequel for which is PlayStation 3 only, oddly. There’s one big difference though – if you get hit by a rocket, drive over a mine or mess up a corner then you can rewind time and try again. Scoring kills builds up the rewind bar, while sliding around corners fills up boost. The canyon-based tracks are rubbish compared to the city ones, and it’s pretty mindless all told, but the achievements and rewards are frequent and require little effort, making it surprisingly addictive. When you go online it’s hard to find a match, but if you host one then people seem to join in quite rapidly. It’s odd that they don’t just host themselves, but people are idiots.

» £14.99 new from Choices

Dead or Alive 4Dead or Alive 4

Unless you count Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat 3 on Xbox Live Arcade, Dead or Alive 4 is still the only one-on-one fighter for the 360. Thankfully it’s a good one, even though it isn’t a massive step up from DoA3. You’ve got your unlockable characters, interactive backgrounds – most of which are very attractive – plus survival and tag battle modes, and the nicely designed online features. Avatars can be created, then you enter a themed lobby to watch other people fight and take part in knock out tournaments. Like Perfect Dark Zero, the settings can be changed to unlock achievements easily; make the health bars tiny and the number of rounds one, and you’ll whiz through the time attack and story modes.

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All prices are correct at the type of typing. Don’t come running to us if you order something and it’s out of stock, or you get sent a copy of Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses by mistake. Because all we’ll do is laugh.

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