Vote for Pedro

Sega are running a poll on their website to discover which of their franchises gamers would most like to see make a return. So far almost 5,000 people have responded, with NiGHTS well in the lead with a nice 55 per cent. Streets of Rage follows with 23 per cent, then it’s Samba de Amigo with 13 per cent, Virtua Cop with 7 per cent, and poor old Flicky with only 1 per cent.

Misguided gaming sites (not us, of course) are already thinking too much into this, suggesting that the winner will indeed be re-incarnated.

EGM coughed up some rumours on a new Virtua Cop first person shooter a few months back, and it was once reported that Sega of America turned down a new Streets of Rage for the then popular Dreamcast claiming that they had never heard of it. Have a read here. Obviously they’ve had their memories refreshed since then.

Matt Gander

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