Bang, bang – you shot me down

Warhawk on PlayStation 3 may have been a good demonstration of the new tilty controller, but it wasn’t exactly a good demonstration of the PlayStation 3. Sure, having dozens of enemy aircraft on the screen at once is kind of impressive, but it’s nothing special. In short: it wasn’t looking very ‘next gen’, and it certainly wasn’t doing anything that Ubisoft’s launch title Blazing Angels hadn’t already done. Over a year ago. On Xbox 360.

WarhawkWhich is probably why, after magically vanishing from the release lists, Warhawk has found itself demoted from ‘proper release’ to a download set to appear on the PlayStation Network. This obviously means that the price is going to come tumbling down – Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection is set to cost £6.99 to download in Europe, so expect a similar figure.

The fact that Sony don’t seem confident releasing it at full price doesn’t bode well for the game’s quality, but it’s hard to argue with their decision to release it digitally.

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