Namco Bandai have snapped up a Wii-exclusive sequel to obscure Xbox Live Arcade management sim Outpost Kaloki X. Developers Wahoo are keen to stress that although they look the same, it’s not a conversion but rather a fully-fledged project built for Wii.

Space Station TycoonThe story in Space Station Tycoon involves Shawn and his monkey Tam, who are in charge of setting up new space stations and managing their economies. There are all sorts of environmental problems to deal with (asteroid storms, heat rays from nova suns, etc) plus fussy customers and other issues. The icon-based interface has been designed to work solely with the Wii-remote, although there is optional control using the nunchuck if anybody wants to needlessly complicate things. Co-op play has been promised but Wahoo remain secretive over WiiConnect24 possibilities.

It’s out in the summer, and yes, this is the type of thing the Wii should be good at handling. The Wii-remote is the next best thing to having a mouse in your hand. Some RTS games next, please!

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