We’re living in a materia world

If our visitor numbers are down this weekend I’ll put it down to Final Fantasy XII and Crackdown both being released today. I’ve played through the demo of Crackdown a few times and it seems like good fun, especially once your explosive skills have been upgraded a few times. As I understand it, Final Fantasy XII has a new battle system that has managed to rejuvenate the franchise. I haven’t heard a bad word about it so far.

I expect that there will be some (stupid) people disappointed when they get their copy of Crackdown home though, expecting there to be a Halo 3 demo in the case. It would appear that the beta invite won’t come into effect for a few months yet.

Apparently quite good marble/maze thing Kororinpa is the only Wii release this week, while on PlayStation 2 and PSP there’s Ghost Rider. Even hard-nosed magazine Edge were surprised at how good it is, describing it as a mixture of God of War and Devil May Cry. It’s bound to be better than the film at any rate.

Matt Gander

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