Supermarket sweep

Asda started selling DVD players – region free ones, no less – for a pathetic £9 a few weeks back, and now in another move to shake up their electrical section, from tomorrow they’ll be selling slimline PlayStation 2 consoles for £49. Posters have already gone up in stores, pointing out that the offer is strictly one per customer.

Earlier this week dropped the price of Xbox 360 Core Packs to £149.99 (or £194.99 with a game and a memory unit),while Makro will happily sell you a Premium 360 Pack for £199.99 if you become a member.

That’s nothing though – a short while ago Tesco were forced to give away Xbox 360s due to a £2.16 discrepancy in prices. Their policy (which is soon to change) states that if you find a product priced up on the shelf for a different amount than appears on their tills, then you get the item for free.

Matt Gander

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