Cry wolf

With the PSP alone on the receiving end of nine new releases, this week is like the Christmas period all over again. And just like Christmas, a fair bit of tat has sneaked onto the shelves. Avatar, Rampage and Barnyard on Wii and Cartoon Network Racing, Shrek Smash N’ Crash and Barbie on PlayStation 2 are notable from a quick glance.

The good stuff? On Xbox 360 there’s Battlestations Midway, which was originally due out around a year ago on PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Early reviews are quite positive, claiming that it’s both fun and strategic. The DS gets RPG Magical Starsign and two new brain games – Brain Trainer: Logic and Brain Trainer: Memory – from Italian publisher Game 505, while on PSP there’s Every Extra Extended, Thrillville, Bomberman and BattleZone.

Forget all those though – Okami is the one to spend your money on. It looks amazing in places, pushing the PlayStation 2 hard without causing it to break, and although comparisons to Zelda are fair, it’s actually better than Link’s latest in some ways. If you need further persuasion, Play, amongst others, is doing it for a handsome £24.99. Woof!

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