Gamerpoints win prizes

Fragrance manufacturer Old Spice – of all companies – have teamed up with Microsoft to launch The Old Spice Experience Challenge. Do all 360 gamers secretly want to smell like 60 year old men or something?

The challenge is simple: if you live in the US and manage to increase your Xbox 360 Gamerscore by 1,500 points or more between 12th February and 12th April you can win a variety of prizes. These include full price games, T-shirts, Microsoft Points, free Xbox Live Arcade downloads and probably some bottles of Old Spice. Fresh!

Tomb Raider Legend, King Kong and Fight Night: Round 3 are all notoriously easy to beat in an evening, and are thus recommended if you want to get a quick score boost to stand a better chance of winning something decent. There have already been reports of people buying the likes of Open Season and Cars just to get the points too.

In similar news, is trying to organize a mass online NBA Live 07 meet up between 1am and 2am on Sunday 11th February in an attempt to unlock the ‘be online with 1,000 people’ achievement. All you have to do is be online for an hour – if 1,000 people (or more) turn up then hopefully everybody will receive 100 Gamerpoints.

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