His Master’s Vileness

Want to pre-order your PlayStation 3 from HMV? Well, prepare to be viciously gouged. HMV aren’t stocking unbundled systems, instead selling the PlayStation 3 in a bundle with the PSP (plus a 4GB memory stick and two games). The bargain price of this ‘value added’ bundle? Just £674.99.

Have HMV and Sony not considered that many people buying a PlayStation 3 at launch may a) not want a bloody PSP, or b) being the early-adopting Sony-loyal type, already have a bloody PSP. Apparently Sony and HMV have been working on this annoying value added offer together, seemingly in an effort to create the most botched console launch ever.

According to GamesIndustry.biz, ordering the bundle doesn’t actually guarantee a PlayStation 3 at launch either (although at this rate, everyone might boycott the PlayStation 3). I believe this type of organisation is what is known as a ‘clusterfuck’.

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