Respect due

With Eledees out in Europe whenever Konami can be arsed (Amazon has it down for a 30th April release; Game says 30th March) the development team behind it have unveiled their next Wii-exclusive: Dewy’s Adventure. He’s a water droplet, you see.

Dewy's AdventureYes, it sounds like something you’d buy for someone who’s only just learned to hold a joypad. The idea behind it is rather interesting though: it’s all about the weather. In addition to being able to heat up and freeze surroundings, not to mention turn ice into mist and vice versa, Dewy can create earthquakes, summon thunder storms and use other elemental powers to stop his nemesis Don Hedron. Dee Hi Dration would have been funnier.

We’re totally ‘down’ with the whole bright and colourful thing, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill on Wii any time soon.

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