Rollcage reborn?

Not much has been heard from Midas Interactive for a while. They didn’t even have a raft of new releases for the festive period, which is odd when you consider that Christmas would be an ideal time to push out some stocking fillers.

StateshiftThey’ve made an announcement today though, that being that they’re branching out into PSP publishing. Their first title will be a futuristic racer known as Stateshift that looks uncannily like the underrated PSone racer Rollcage. Developers Engine Software are at the helm, who are also working on the Marvel Trading Card Game for the DS, and have worked on some licensed GBA games in the past.

Being from Midas and all, you can probably expect it to retail for a bargain price from the outset. £9.99 might be a bit of a hopeful figure though.

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