Lost and found

Capcom’s Lost Planet has found – ho ho – its way back to the top of the chart, pushing last week’s comfortable #1, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, down to #5. That leaves room for the the pair of big football games to fill the rest of the top three, with Wii Play up seven places to #4. More stock, you see.

Wario Ware is only just behind, down three at #6, but Zelda’s down another seven at #21. It’s a resolutely good week for Nintendo though, as they’ve got more games in the top 40 than any other publisher – even EA. So well done them.

Last week’s couple of moderate handheld releases fail to chart in the grown up chart, but Rocky Balboa takes #3 in the PSP chart, and Star Fox Command #8 in the DS chart. Look, there’s just not another word for ‘chart’, alright?

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