Good idea, bad idea

Among the next batch of titles to grace Xbox Live Arcade, revealed by Microsoft today, is Worms. This is a good idea.

Worms on Xbox Live ArcadeLook at it. It looks like Worms. There are no forts, no bubbles at the top of the screen to burst, and it’s 2D. Admittedly, I’d have quite liked a straight conversion of the original, with rubbish pixellated graphics, but I’m just a nostalgic idiot. This version is even being handled by the original developer – Team 17 – unlike so many Live Arcade conversions.

THQ Wireless, meanwhile, have announced Worms Crazy Golf. This is a bad idea, for reasons too obvious to go into. But, Team 17, that’s what you get when you give a mobile publisher the right to do what the hell they like with your property.

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