Scarred for life

Last month N Gamer magazine promised to spill the beans on a wealth of top secret Wii games; this month they’ve put the previously unannounced Scarface: The World is Yours on the front cover. That’s about it as far as the secrets go, disappointingly.

ScarfaceSo yes – it’s another conversion. Developers Radical are putting a bit of effort into it though, promising enhanced visuals such as better water effects and more detailed character and vehicle models. N Gamer also reports that the controls work brilliantly – the nunchuk is used to move and the Wii-remote to point and shoot.

This’ll be Vivendi’s second game for the Wii, with the first being the better than expected Ice Age 2. We should be thankful, really – they could have given us a conversion of Spyro: A New Beginning instead of this more mature offering.

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