Can raptors pick locks?

The Magic Box has new shots of Turok for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It’s looking very good, albeit in that typical ‘must every 360 game be an FPS?’ fashion.

TurokNostalgia dictates that Turok really should be played on a Nintendo console however. Being an early N64 game, remarkable for its lovely dinosaurs (as well as thick fog and stupidly expensive cartridge price), the thought of playing a new Turok first on the Xbox 360 is a bit like watching mummy get drunk and flirty with another man who clearly isn’t your father. Purely by association with Microsoft, its absorbed tones of Far Cry, Gears of War and Crysis. Which is to say, technically very good, but a bit soul destroying. Of course, the game isn’t out till the autumn, so ignore any of my preformed prejudiced opinions.

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