The chart’s on fire, or something

Well it’s all about World of Warcraft this week, with The Burning Crusade – the first expansion pack – comfortably taking #1. It missed out on being the fastest selling PC game ever by less than a thousand units, so Championship Manager 04 keeps that title. World of Warcraft itself is back at #28 too.

That knocks Xbox 360 Lost Planet down to #2 and Wii Wario Ware to #3. FIFA 07 and Pro Evolution Soccer 6 continue to follow close behind.

World Snooker Championship 2007 has had a good second week, up 11 to #6. There’s more stock of Wii Play about this week, so that rises eight to #11, while Zelda drops six to #14. To be honest, it’s as well that Wii stuff keeps going in and out of stock, because otherwise there would have been very little of note in the chart so far this year.

Budget PC toss is invading the chart once more, though not quite as badly as it did at one point last year. Amongst the toss, though, Sega Rally is in at #27, so it’s not all bad.

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