The next Katamari?

This month’s Official Nintendo Magazine has a preview of a quirky new Nintendo DS game from Koei entitled Prey the Stars. Despite being nearly finished and due for release in the spring, when we put the name into Google all we could find were a handful of Australian online stores offering pre-orders. Which is odd.

Prey the StarsThe same can be said about the game itself – controlling a brightly coloured cartoon dog, it’s a case of roaming around a 3D world eating everything you can. At the start of the level you can only eat small things, but by the end of the level your critter will be so fat that they can gobble down entire skyscrapers. Sounds rather like We Love Katamari, don’t you think? Presumably it’s set against the clock, as it would be pretty aimless otherwise.

It’s quite a departure from Koei’s usual output of never ending Dynasty Warrior titles.

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