We be burning

Emergency Mayhem might ring a bell with you – it was one of the games that Acclaim were working on before they ran into money troubles. Despite originally being announced way back at E3 2004, Codemasters have somehow managed to salvage the remains and are readying it for release on Wii.

Emergency MayhemA PlayStation 2 version is also highly likely but is not yet confirmed – this news comes from the latest issue of the The Official Nintendo Magazine. They claim that it’s very similar to Crazy Taxi, only instead of a cab you get behind the wheel of a police car, fire truck or ambulance. Once a destination has been reached mini-games occur, which range from defusing bombs to saving people from burning buildings.

Codemasters seem to have good faith in the Wii, with Heatseeker and Dance Factory also both due out soon. That’s more than double their entire GameCube output.

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