Ice to see you

It’s been ages since anything seriously exciting happened in chart land, but this week’s top 40 is something of a cracker. Despite not really being a AAA title, Lost Planet has managed to take the top spot, knocking FIFA 07 to #3. So what’s at #2, you ask? Why, it’s only Wario Ware on Wii. And look – Zelda is back in the top 10 at #8, rising a whopping 30 places.

Wii Play and Red Steel have also made re-appearances, at #19 and #34 respectively. Obviously this is all down to Wii stocks being replenished. There’s only one new entry though, and that’s Sega’s World Snooker Championship 2007 at #17.

Over in the GameCube chart, Naruto 2 is in at #8. We wouldn’t be surprised if the number of copies sold was in double figures; we’ve never seen it for sale, and even online retailers such as Play and Game are unaware of its release.

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