IGN: not all bad

For this week’s Saturday round up, I’d like to salute IGN UK writer Rob Burman, and his contribution to the art of headline writing.

» Livingstone Singapores His Heart Out
Ian Livingstone said something in Singapore, so what more could you ask for in a headline? Bonus marks for the word “opined” in the article itself.

» Sony’s SIXAXIS Mishap-sis
Both tenuous and rhyming. Exemplary.

» Saved by the Buzz
It’s the news of Buzz!: The Schools Quiz. It’s quite a nicely constructed headline if you think about it: Saved by the Bell was set in a school, and a bell makes a noise sort of like a buzz. Ish.

» Zune With a View to Play Games
Not only is it a bad pun, but it also tells you what the story is about. Which is a bit too practical for my taste, but good work nonetheless.


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