Relax – we’ve found it

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, then. It’s Capcom’s second 360-exclusive and apparently a solid – if predictible – shooter. If you’ve still got some extra cash left after the festive season then you might want to get the limited edition version. It comes in a metal case with an art book and a disk containing soundtracks, videos, wallpapers, AIM icons and some other virtual stuff.

Our weak headline could also extend to Wario Ware on Wii. That is if ‘Ware’ was written ‘Where’. The general verdict is that its pretty good, although the fact that you have to play all the way through the single player game before you can tackle multiplayer seems to have annoyed a few fans. And even then it’s a pass-the-controller affair.

Everything else out this week is (snooker) balls.

Matt Gander

Matt is Games Asylum's most prolific writer, having produced a non-stop stream of articles since 2001. A retro collector and bargain hunter, his knowledge has been found in the pages of tree-based publication Retro Gamer.

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