The name game

Eidos have picked up Spike’s Wii survival romp Necro-Nesia for a western release. They won’t be calling it that over here though. Nope, we get treated to the teeth-grindingly awful Escape from Bug Island. Necro-Nesia might not have meant anything, but at least it didn’t make the game sound like some cheesy 1960s B-movie.

When it was first unveiled we passed comment that it looked like a crusty old PlayStation 2 game with Wii controls added on as an afterthought. Those who have played the import version have said the same thing. You basically travel around a dark forest attacking giant insects by waving the remote around as you go from point A to point B. Or at least trying to – one reviewer said that they died from game-ruining glitches more than anything else.

In similar news, Konami have decided to rename Elebits to Eledees for its European release. We’re not sure why, although a name change was expected – Nintendo of Europe had been referring to Elebits as ‘Untitled Konami Action Game’ for a while.

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