Analyse this

There’s nothing like an analyst’s report to pad out a site’s news coverage. It’s been a vintage week.

» Gamespot have information from In-Stat that, since there are now more consoles and handhelds with online capabilities, there will be more and more people playing online on console and handhelds in the future. Excellent work, analysts.

» Also on Gamespot, an analyst from Goldman Sachs has drawn the astonishing conclusion that since Xbox 360 demand is outstripping supply, there’s probably a problem with supply. Now that’s insight.

» Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has had a good week, providing data for Gamespot’s hugely tedious piece on Take-Two’s finances. And his thought that there probably won’t be a sequel to Bully, possibly originally on Game Politics, got him coverage pretty much everywhere. Well, he should know, clearly.

» But it’s IGN I have to doff my cap to. They managed to write one article based on another site’s report on Lazard Capital’s hardware sales estimates, and put it on their PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii sites, each with its own optimistic format-specific headline. Journalistic efficiency at its best.

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