2007: Reasons to be Cheerful

Okay, 2006 ended on a hugely cynical note, so let’s start 2007 with a dose of unrealistic and unjustified optimism.

First, PlayStation 3. The launch line-up might be depressingly familiar, but imagine if something were to come along in 2007 that actually justifies the £400 plus price tag. Just imagine how good that game would be. A game that convinces normal human beings that HD is more than just a bit prettier. A game that takes advantage of the unique controller, combining traditional methods and motion-sensing functions in intuitive and meaningful ways we cannot hope to imagine without having played the game. A game that definitely isn’t an FPS.

supermariogalaxy.jpgMore concretely, we’ve got Super Mario Galaxy to look forward to. It’s going to be the acid test for what the Wii’s control system can really do; Zelda was hardly developed as a Wii title, Nintendo’s other titles are of limited scope, and I’m not going to pretend that third-party publishers are going to get to grips with it before Nintendo have showed them how it’s done. So it has to be good. Really, really good. And it’s looking good so far.

Doubtless lots of people will see Halo 3 as terribly exciting, but not I; feel free to foam in anticipation though, we’re all about positivity here. I want to know what Rare are up to. They’re famous for their secrecy, and unveiling games very close to release. Rumour has it there’s a Viva Piñata kart racer in development, which would be nice, though a little predictable. Same goes for the new Banjo adventure. With a bit of luck, there’s something a bit more surprising underway in Warwickshire.

Looking back at E3, the GameCube even has stuff to look forward to: chiefly, Super Paper Mario. Pray Nintendo of Europe see sense and get it over here quick sharp. Then there’s the new Sega Rally, and the prospect of Sonic’s Wii-exclusive outing. Which can only be better than the Xbox 360 atrocity. Repeat after me: it won’t be rubbish. And we’ll finally get Okami in Europe.

Well, I’ve convinced myself that 2007 is going to be the best year ever… EVER! Why not share your own blind optimism in the comments below?

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