Predictions for 2007

» The PlayStation 2 will become a dumping ground for crap, with Little Britian: The Videogame in particular being a steaming festering pile.

» Sony will finally get around to releasing some PSP games that people actually want to play. They will also launch a new version of the PSP, with built in microphone, camera and GPRS gubbins.

» Regardless, the Nintendo DS will still manage to outsell the PSP by a stupid amount.

» Nintendo will release a new Pikmin game for Wii. It will be really, really ace using the nunchuk to move Olimar around and the remote to select and order around your Pikmin. It will sell a million copies in one week in Japan, but because Nintendo of Europe are shits we’ll have to wait six months.

» Disney’s High School Musical game for the Nintendo DS will be so awesome that the very earth we walk on will crumple due to its awesomeness, leaving nothing but a molten core that will cause the moon to spin off its axis and be pulled into the centre of the sun causing the end of the universe and all hope of finding intelligent life on other planets.

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