2006: Quiz of the Year

Do you remember 2006?

“Of course I do.”

Ah, but do you? Do you really? Science has determined that there is only one way to find out: by taking our needlessly cynical end of year quiz.

  1. Microsoft charmingly ignored the original Xbox entirely in 2006. This left the Xbox 360 with:

    1. A lot to answer for.
    2. Remarkable and original entertainment achievements such as Gears of War.
    3. Absolutely all of the predictable, generic shit Microsoft had in development specifically for American teenagers and nobody else.
    4. Option c, plus Viva Piñata.
  2. Sony forgot to do something in 2006. But what?

    1. Put together a stellar launch line-up for the PlayStation 3 to convince people that their vision of the next-generation is even slightly different from the last.
    2. Release the PlayStation 3 in Europe.
    3. Make people not hate them through thoughtful, subtle, intelligent marketing.
    4. All of the above.
  3. Wii is a funny name, isn’t it? But what launch titles were there for Nintendo’s latest console?

    1. A diverse selection of first and third party titles which banished any worries that publishers other than Nintendo will give up after six months. Again.
    2. A mix of genres proving that the Wii remote can definitely do more than mini-games, and token actions in proper games.
    3. A GameCube game, some moderately entertaining mini-games, and some rushed third party games which didn’t really work.
    4. Less than in America, pushing some first party titles into the new year, to make it look like Nintendo of Europe will be releasing more than two games in 2007.
  4. 2006 was the year of the handheld. But why?

    1. Sony actually managed to release a worthwhile first party PSP game in LocoRoco.
    2. Nintendo pushed the creative envelope by releasing games based around adding up and stuff.
    3. There was fuck all worth playing on proper consoles.
    4. All of the above.
  5. In 2006 we lost, in decreasing order of sadness, Clover Studios, Lik-Sang and Gizmondo. But who could it be argued was to some extent responsible for the demise of all three?

    1. An apathetic public not interested in nice games, import games, and third-rate handhelds.
    2. An apathetic public afraid to demonstrate on the streets for what they believe in.
    3. The little baby Jesus.
    4. It’s always Sony’s fault.

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