OBE for SCi

It’s 2007 New Year Honours time, and there’s a new member of the games industry OBE gang, which currently counts among its members Argonaut founder Jez San (2002), Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux (2005) and former important man at Eidos Ian Livingstone (2006).

It’s SW19’s Ms Jane Cavanagh, SCi founder and effectively the woman who put an end to Ian Livingstone’s Eidos career when SCi bought the company. Hopefully there’s some animosity there, and there will be a good old-fashioned OBE punch-up. “For services to the Computer Games Industry,” of course.

I can’t help feeling that there must be more deserving people in the UK games industry than the largely anonymous Ms Cavanagh. Elite developer and genuine industry legend David Braben, or Codemasters founders Richard, David and Jim Darling, perhaps. You know, people who might have actually given a toss about quality and integrity at one point.

Still, it’s not as bad as June Fucking Sarpong (that’s her full name) getting an OBE. Jesus wept.