Free Tingle

While we patiently wait for Nintendo of Europe to update the Stars catalogue with the ability to turn surplus Stars into Wii shopping channel points, Nintendo of Japan have decided to rub a couple of new Club Mario freebies in our faces.

clubmario.JPGThe first is a custom-made Wii remote battery cover featuring your Mii. From the looks of things, all you have to give Nintendo is your Wii’s unique ID and they dial in to gather the appropriate information. We could be wrong though – the Japanese website is written in funny squiggles, after all.

The other gift is a remake of Balloon Fight for Nintendo DS, featuring Zelda’s homoerotic fairy Tingle. Shigeru Miyamoto has joked in the past that he would like to see a new version of the not quite classic NES original.

This is how jealous we are: very.

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