Special fried price (part three)

Oh, Amazon. Your sales used to be so good. Just two Nintendo DS games reduced this year? That’s really pitiful. Even more so when one of these is the dire King Kong; the other isn’t even a game, it’s the DS Lite Browser for £14.87. Star Ocean and Makai Kingdom on PlayStation 2 – for £10.97 and £11.97 respectively – are worth having if you’re into your RPGs, and Odama on GameCube is £18.97. That’s about it, really.

Already?Thankfully the Woolworths sale makes up for it, with FlatOut 2 on PlayStation 2 for a nice £3.99 and Pac Pix and Mr. Driller on DS for £8.99 each. If you’re still keeping hold of your original Xbox, you’re spoilt for choice: Half Life 2 and Tomb Raider Legends are £9.99 a pop, while The Warriors and a handful of others are only £3.99. A 2000 point Wii card for £13.99 is about the only Wii-related thing we’ve seen in any of the online sales.

CD Wow have a couple of reduced import DS games – Mario Hoops 3-on-3 and Pokemon Ranger – for £20.49. Simply Games, who are now under new management (again), have Stella Deus on PlayStation 2 for £9.99 and Killzone for £4.99, while Gottlieb Pinball Classics on PSP is £10. Just one game stands out in the very poor Sainsbury’s sale, and that’s Dynasty Warriors – also on PSP – for £9.99.

Toys R Us have three 360 games for a tenner each – Amped 3, NHL 2K6 and NBA 2K6 – but they’re currently sold out. Project Gotham Racing 3 is a fiver more and Taito Legends Powered Up on PSP is a mere £7.99. The chance to play New Zealand Story again is worth that alone.

Is that every store covered? Probably not. That’s what the comment section is for though.

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