The animals went in two-by-two

Hurrah! Hurrah! Not one but two new animal nurturing games are available on Nintendo DS today – Hamsterz (known as Hamsterz Life in the US) and My Animal Hospital In Africa. The latter is the first Nintendo DS game from Europress, whose last console game, from what we can ascertain, was that awful Smarties thing on PlayStation 2. You know – the one featuring Dave Benson Philips.

The last trickle of Wii “launch titles” are also out. Open Season, Splinter Cell: Double Agent and Marvel Ultimate Alliance to be precise. It looks like Far Cry has been pushed back until 12th Jan, which isn’t something you should get annoyed about – early US reviews have been very negative, with pop-up, glitches, a shoddy frame rate and duff controls to blame. Apparently you have to flick the nunchuk up to jump, which doesn’t sound practical in the slightest. Oh well.

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