Special fried price (part two)

Sod Boxing Day – pretty much all of the sales are now go, both online and across the cold high streets of England.

Over at Game, Yakuza on PlayStation 2 is £9.98, bizarre music/RPG thing Steambot Chronicles is £14.98, X-Men III on DS is £7.98 – although we can’t remember if it’s any good or not – and Gitaroo Man Lives is £12.98 on PSP. Which we know for certain is good. Lumines II, also on PSP, is a nice £14.98. It’s not that much different from the first, but if you haven’t played that then be sure to get this. Family Guy on Xbox for £7.98 is really tempting. Especially seeing as it was on the recent Xbox 360 backwards compatibility update.

Fried Rice GamesGameplay have not one but four 360 games for £12.99: Tomb Raider Legend, Condemned, Table Tennis and Amped 3. Good games one and all. The Outfit is the same price, but less good. On PlayStation 2 there’s Rayman Raving Rabbids for £14.99, although we have no idea how it plays with the standard PS2 pad, while Sega Classics Collection is £7.99. That’s the one with the 3D updates of Virtua Racing, Golden Axe, Fantasy Zone and more. Monkey Ball Touch & Roll on DS can be found for £9.99, and Super Monkey Ball Adventure on GameCube is a fiver more.

There are 10 pages of reduced titles over at HMV, so it’s no surprise that it takes a while to sort the wheat from the chaff. Quite a few UMD movies are £4.99, which we’ll let you find for yourself, while Star Wars Republic Commando on Xbox is £7.99, Urban Chaos: Riot Response on PlayStation 2 is £8.99 and Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Breath of Fire 3 on PSP are £11.99.

Tesco sometimes have some nice deals in store, and likewise their sale isn’t too bad. The biggest gem is Final Fantasy X-2 for £4.97, although Tetris DS for £9.97 is a close second. Trauma Centre is the same price as well. Then we have Metroid Prime Hunters and Mario & Luigi 2: Partners in Time for £13.97 and £14.97 respectively. Trauma Centre is great, if a little frustrating towards the end.

Now we’re just waiting for Amazon and a few others to play catch up.

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