Special fried price (part one)

There was a time when high street stores started their sales on Boxing Day and not a day before, but for the second year running big red sale signs have started to appear in windows a whole week in advance of the big day.

Blockbuster were first on the high street to start their sale, offering Canis Candem Edit for £15, Splinter Cell: Double Agent on 360 for £25 and a whole load of PlayStation 2 games – including Killer7 and King of Fighters: Maximum Impact – for £4 each. They’ve even reduced their pre-owned games, with titles such as Oni and Operation Winback for as little as a quid.

At Gamestation plenty of PSP games have been reduced to a tenner (Kazook, Untold Legends 2) while obscure PlayStation 2 titles have been slashed to silly prices – Genji for 98p, for example. World Tour Soccer on PSP is the same price. GameCube accessories have been cut too, with Wave Birds at £8 and the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller for £5.

Play.com promise that their sale is their biggest ever, and while the selection isn’t massive the savings certainly are. Canis Candem Edit is available for an absurd £12.99, while the press-shy Mind Quiz on PSP is £9.99. On 360 you’ll find Call of Duty 2 for £16.99 and Condemed for £14.99. Family Guy for £9.99 is tempting at that price, even if it is apparently a bit rubbish.

WH Smith’s sale is now running online, but the less said about it the better, while GamePlay are starting theirs on Friday at 9am. Expect Game to go price cutting at the weekend.

Next week we’ll be sniffing around for more offers, but until then do share any bargains you’ve found in the comments section below.

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