FIFA 07 still on top

One week on from release and Zelda is out of the top 10. It entered at #5, now it’s down to #12. The only other Wii-exclusive in the charts is Wii Play, which has dropped from #9 all the way down to #30. Blame the lack of Wiis on shelves. Predictability Zelda goes in at #1 in the GameCube chart, although it’s not like there’s anything else decent around for GameCube owners to buy.

Flushed Away – the first big European release from D3 Publishing – makes its first appearance in the chart at number #26. Expect it to be higher next week, riding on the back of the movie. Speaking of which, Superman Returns and Eragon have both entered in the lower echelons at #36 and #37 respectively. EA can’t be too happy about the way Superman has performed – if they had released it on schedule it would have almost certainly made the top ten.

Elsewhere, Canis Canem Edit is on the rise, up three places to #23 – possibly because Blockbusters have slashed the price to an almost ridiculous £15.

Matt Gander

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